Quick tip - Using "+" to automatically categorize incoming email with GMail

If you use GMail or host your email through Google Apps for Business, there’s a helpful way that you can automatically categorize incoming mail.

Careful adding a NOT NULL column to an existing database

Here’s your scenario, you have a table. You want to add a column at some point. Said column is required, and you therefore wish to ensure an appropriate value is always inserted. With Rails you add validates :column, presence: true. But you want to be careful, you want to ensure that you enforce domain rules in the database. Say for example the database is accessed via another application as well, you don’t want to leave it up to that application to also follow the correct rules.

Rails DELETE and data-confirm

Rails is very public in embracing REST-style architecture as a default. Different HTTP verbs can result in different methods being triggered in your controller. In our example today we have a purchase with an id of 2.

A Trip Through "link_to"

Rails is a fantastic framework in so many ways. One of its “drawbacks” (and one shared but basically all other frameworks of any complexity) is the amount of “automagic” work that goes on behind the scenes. I put drawbacks in quotes because certainly hiding complexity is one of the whole points to a framework. But if you’re like me, you like to understand why that particular line of code worked, and what the framework is doing inside the black box.